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Hunt and Fight

Hunt and Fight is an immersive action RPG. Explore the island, fight monsters, use various combat combinations to defeat bosses, earn reputation and find a way to get home.


Embark on an unforgettable voyage through a tormented nobleman’s psyche in “Ugly,” a dark fairytale turned mobile puzzle-platformer.

Time Trap: Hidden Objects

Unravel the mystery of a missing journalist by investigating an apocalyptic zone full of anomalies and dangerous secrets.

Jurassic Lab: Dinosarium DNA

Become a Jurassic explorer in the laboratory of the future. Assemble a dinosaur skeleton from bones that were found, create your own dino collection, breathe life into dinosaurs and you can see them in nature just like thousands of years ago. The future life of dinosaurs is in your hands.

Fishing Stories

Fishing Stories is an immersive single-player game that takes players on an extraordinary journey to fulfill their grandfather’s lifelong dreams of catching elusive mystery fishes.

PomPom: The Great Space Rescue

You don’t control Pompom the hamster’s movements, you control everything else. Lay down blocks, springs, cannons, umbrellas, use whips and alter the world, creating a safe path for Pompom to defeat the evil Captain Cat.