Jurassic Lab: Dinosarium DNA

In the game, you will become a researcher, who has a unique opportunity to recreate the Jurassic period creatures by assembling dinosaur’s skeletons from bones found during the excavation in an advanced technological laboratory. With the help of future technologies and artificial intelligence, having a skeleton and DNA, we start recreating the long-extinct creatures that inhabited the Earth.

At the start, you will find yourselves in a sci-fi laboratory with a bone collection of 7 dinosaurs.
Having collected a complete dinosaur skeleton, we start the processes of DNA synchronization with the collected material, adapting the original DNA to the new realities on the planet.

Our complex has specially created landscapes for the necessary habitat for each species of dinosaur.

After the successful completion of the dinosaur resurrection, you will go to the recreated habitat where a living dinosaur is already waiting for you.
Travel to each location is carried out with the help of a roller coaster. When you get to the locations, you will see with your own eyes each dinosaur in a natural environment adapted to the conditions of the planet at this time.


  • PUZZLE: Collect the skeleton of a dinosaur with our own hands.
  • ROLLER COASTER: Travel on a dynamic roller coaster through cave tunnels to dinosaur locations.
  • INTERACTIVE WITH DINOSAURS: Meet and interact with living dinosaurs.